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PSSI 28 Series - ESD safe storage cabinets for spare circuit boards

PSSI 28 Series Single Bay ESD cabinets are high density ESD safe storage cabinets for circuit boards where a narrow circuit board storage cabinet is required. The 28 Series ESD cabinets are the ideal choice for digital switching, facility and private line offices, communication centers and computer centers. A 28 Series ESD cabinet is 82" H by 28" W by 21.75" D.

PSSI's patented ESD dissipative shelving system accommodates a wide range of circuit board sizes. The adjustability of the PSSI ESD dissipative shelving system provides the highest density of variable size circuit boards compared to other circuit board storage cabinets on the market. These ESD safe cabinets can safely store packaged or unpackaged circuit boards (see Specifications: Shelving). In addition to circuit board storage, these ESD safe cabinets also provide protection from theft, fire and unauthorized entry.

Single Bay Cabinet, Unpackaged Boards 28 Series*, Single Bay Cabinet, Unpackaged Boards

  • High density storage for large quantities of circuit boards
  • Easy access for inventory control and rapid bar code scanning
  • Infinitely adjustable ESD dissipative shelves to accommodate multiple size and shape printed circuit boards
  • Protection from theft, fire and unauthorized entry
  • Multiple Central Office ground points
  • Multiple wrist strap attachment points for simultaneous access
  • Optional PWGM tester provides continuous wrist strap and ground monitoring
  • Earthquake resistant design with optional frame
  • Integrated levelers for easy, proper installation
  • Three-point locking bi-fold reversible door for security and easy access protrude less than 12" (305 mm).
  • PSSI Model 28-21 ESD cabinets include these exclusive features:

Model 28-21 ESD safe cabinets are designed for digital switching facilities, private line offices and major computer data centers where spare circuit board storage space is at a premium. Model 28-21 consists of a single cabinet with two compartments, each of which can be used independently or custom configured. Patented, infinitely adjustable, ESD dissipative circuit board shelving (refer to here) facilitates high density, protective storage of circuit boards up to 18 inches (457 mm) deep. A full range of customizing accessories is available for custom configurations.

Model 28-21 protective storage cabinets can be requested without standard shelving. Model 28-21A ESD safe cabinet is available to customize according to your specific need (please see Customizing Accessories).

Specifications: Model 28-21


Cabinet and doors 14-gauge welded steel construction


Textured, fire-resistant paint; standard colors blue, gray, or beige; custom colors available


82" H x 28" W x 21.75" D (2083 mm H x 711 mm W x 552 mm D)


Reversible, bi-fold, tamper-proof with 3-point contact lock; protrudes less than 12" (305 mm) when open


Four ESD-dissipative ground points located at back corners of the cabinet to connect cabinet ground wire to central office ground system; multiple wrist strap ground point receptacles; optional PWGM tester/ground continuity monitor available


For un-packaged circuit boards
Special injection molded polymer compound for permanently ESD-dissipative surface resistivity range of 106-109 ohms per square.
Part No. H10-18, 10" W x 18" D
(254 mm x 457 mm)
Part No. H10-16, 10" W x 16" D
(254 mm x 406 mm)


For packaged circuit boards
ESD-dissipative flat metal shelf: 16-gauge steel with ESD-dissipative paint.
Part No. HS20-23, 20" W x 23" D
(508 mm x 584 mm)

Installation Features:

Knockouts for installation in existing equipment lineup or wall mounting, side-by-side or back-to-back; bottom cutouts for anchoring to raised floor locations (can be insulated from floor); 4 built-in levelers compensate for floor variations.

Customizing Accessories
The following accessories are available for custom configurations of Model 28-21A cabinet:

    HB00-23 Hanger bar for 20 (max.) magnetic tapes or computer printouts
    DC19-23 Data cartridge shelf double-tier storage; 38 data cartridge chambers
    HS20-23 ESD dissipative flat metal shelf for packaged circuit boards
    H10-16 ESD dissipative circuit board shelf
    H10-18 ESD dissipative circuit board shelf
    C-TRAC Stainless steel center support track for polymer shelving
    PWGM Wrist strap tester and ground continuity monitor

PSSI's Technical Service Department will be glad to assist you in answering any circuit board storage questions and help you to select the best cabinet, shelving, customizing accessories and ESD safe products for your particular application.

PSSI offers complete on-site cabinet installation by their trained technicians. PSSI technicians ensure that your new PSSI ESD cabinet is correctly attached, leveled and that all ground connections are properly functioning. PSSI technicians can significantly reduce the time required in determining an efficient shelving layout and hardware installation.

Like many of our other ESD safe products, the PSSI 28 Series ESD cabinet model is patented.

PSSI Product News

-5/15/17-Welcoming Zongyin Li!

PSSI is pleased to welcome a new member to our team! Zongyin Li has joined our technical team and will be working on software development and programming, bringing with him over 20 years of experience in embedded real time software engineering over the product life cycle.


-8/21/16-CA 6052-21 Drawer Cabinet

PSSI is now offering the CA cabinet in a 60" wide, tripple bay form factor. The CA 6052-21 features 21 5" deep drawers for large laptop and laptop / docking station combinations.

6052 1 small

-3/13/16-San Francisco General Hospital

PSSI Dock & Lock controlled access cabinets can be found in anesthesiology departments across the country. Use your existing RFID building access badge to access the cabinet and check-out your laptop or tablet.


-9/29/15-Verizon Secaucus

Standard Dock & Lock cabinets are used daily by Verizon maintenance and service technicians across the north east. Using the Dock & Lock cabinets technicians can keep their laptops and tablets charged and on the network between shifts. 


-1/5/15-Change Your Dock & Lock Drawers Today!

Our cabinets are equipped with Interchangeable Drawer Modules(IDM) that allow you to retrofit a cabinet with new drawers, should your cabinet drawer size requirements change. We offer many different drawer styles and sizes to maximize your storage capacity needs!


-10/10/14-PSSI Wins Naval Hospital Contract

PSSI wins contract to supply Dock & Lock Series cabinets to all US Naval Hospitals. All Naval hospitals in the United States and overseas received their cabinets to charge and sync devices that will be used in the Industrial Hygiene Program!

Navy-Hospital CRP-1-1

-6/5/14-Barcode Reader Option Now Available

Users can now access to the cabinet by scanning their badge with a barcode reader. When a user scans a devices barcode, the CACmanager software will track the cabinet inventory allowing the administrator to have even more control of their users and equipment.

barcode reader

-5/20/14-Tabletop Tablet Cabinet Coming Soon

Universal cabinet design accommodates all iOS and Android devices. The cabinets charge and sync capabilities make it very convenient to keep your devices chanrged and up-to-date. 16 device capacity allows a large amount of devices to be stored in a very small form factor.


-4/24/14-Chromebook Charging Cart Now Available

Perfect for charging up to 30 chromebooks, large or ruggedized tablets, or laptops. This cart is optomized for schools and classroom enviroments. Unique wire managment system keeps your cabinet clean and insures that you will only have to install your charging device cables once. 


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