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Charge & Sync

User Enrollment / Access Options

Below is the list of possible access options for the CA cabinet. Users can access a drawer by using their RFID badge, a smart card or CAC card, Barcode Scanner, or a keypad pin entry. A cabinet can run on any single access option below, or use multiple options at the same time.

CAC card

Smart Card / CAC Card

Use a DOD CAC card or smart card to access cabinet drawers


Barcode Scanner

The barcode scanner can be used for both user access and equipment tracking



Scan your RFID badge to access the system and create your own PIN


Keypad Pin

Use the keypad pin for administrative functions or assign temp PINs to users


HID-RFID Card CAC / PIV / Smart Card Barcode Keypad
Card Description Card Frequency Card Description  Decode Capability  Types of Keypad Functions
AWID: RDR-698x Compatible 125 kHz Common Access Cards (CAC Card)  UPC/EAN  User assigned PIN number
Cardax UID: RDR-6C8x Compatible 125 kHz Personal Identity Verification (PIV Card)  UPC/EAN with Supplementals  +Add a PIN to an RFID Card
Russwin UID 125 kHz ISO 7816  UPC/EAN 128  +Add a PIN to a Smart Card
CASI-RUSCO RDR-628x Compatible 125 kHz Memory Cards  Code 39  +Add a PIN to a Barcode Scan
CDVI 125 kHz CPU /MPU Cards  Code 39 Full ASCII  +Administrative PIN Numbers
Paradox 125 kHz Dual Interface  Code 39 TriOptic  
Deister UID 125 kHz    Code 128  
Dimpna UID 125 kHz    Code 128 Full ASCII  
DIGITAG 125 kHz    Codabar  
EM 410x: RDR-6E8x Compatible 125 kHz    Interleaved 2 of 5  
EM 410x Alternate 125 kHz    Discrete 2 of 5  
Rosslare 125 kHz    Code 93 MSI  
GProx-II UID: RDR-6G8x Compatible 125 kHz    Code 11  
HID Prox: RDR-608x Compaitble 125 kHz    IATA  
HID Prox UID 125 kHz    GS1 DataBar (formerly RSS) variants  
HiTag 1 & S: RDR-6H8x Compatible 125 kHz    Chinese 2 of 5  
HiTag 1 & S Alternate 125 kHz      
HiTag 2: RDR-6H8x Compatible 125 kHz      
HiTag 2 Alternate 125 kHz      
IDTECK 125 kHz      
Indala ASP 26 Bit (Motorola): RDR-638x Compatible 125 kHz      
Indala ASP UID (Motorola) 125 kHz      
Indala ASP+ UID (Motorola) 125 kHz      
Indala ECR Custom 125 kHz      
ioProx (Kantech): RDR-678x Compatible 125 kHz      
Keri NXT UID 125 kHz      
Pyramid (Farpointe Data): RDR-647x Compatible 125 kHz      
Keri 26 Bit UID: RDR-6K8x Compatible 125 kHz      
Nexwatch (Honeywell): RDR-6N8x Compatible 125 kHz      
Radio Key (Secura Key -02): RDR-6Z8x Compatible 125 kHz      
ReadyKey Pro UID : RDR-6R8x Compatible 125 kHz      
HID iCLASS CSN 13.56 MHz      
HID iCLASS ID 13.56 MHz      
HID iCLASS SE 13.56 MHz      
ISO 14443A CSN 13.56 MHz      
Advant CSN (Legic) 13.56 MHz      
DESFire CSN 13.56 MHz      
I-tag CSN (IBM) 13.56 MHz      
MiFare CSN (Philips, NXP) 13.56 MHz      
MiFare Ultralight CSN (Philips, NXP) 13.56 MHz      
ISO 15693 CSN 13.56 MHz      
etag CSN (Secura Key) 13.56 MHz      
I-Code CSN (Philips, NXP) 13.56 MHz      
my-d CSN (Infineon) 13.56 MHz      
Tag-It CSN (Texas Instruments) 13.56 MHz      
RDR-758x Equivalent (iClass, ISO14443A, ISO15693A) CSN 13.56 MHz      

PSSI Product News

-5/15/17-Welcoming Zongyin Li!

PSSI is pleased to welcome a new member to our team! Zongyin Li has joined our technical team and will be working on software development and programming, bringing with him over 20 years of experience in embedded real time software engineering over the product life cycle.


-8/21/16-CA 6052-21 Drawer Cabinet

PSSI is now offering the CA cabinet in a 60" wide, tripple bay form factor. The CA 6052-21 features 21 5" deep drawers for large laptop and laptop / docking station combinations.

6052 1 small

-3/13/16-San Francisco General Hospital

PSSI Dock & Lock controlled access cabinets can be found in anesthesiology departments across the country. Use your existing RFID building access badge to access the cabinet and check-out your laptop or tablet.


-9/29/15-Verizon Secaucus

Standard Dock & Lock cabinets are used daily by Verizon maintenance and service technicians across the north east. Using the Dock & Lock cabinets technicians can keep their laptops and tablets charged and on the network between shifts. 


-1/5/15-Change Your Dock & Lock Drawers Today!

Our cabinets are equipped with Interchangeable Drawer Modules(IDM) that allow you to retrofit a cabinet with new drawers, should your cabinet drawer size requirements change. We offer many different drawer styles and sizes to maximize your storage capacity needs!


-10/10/14-PSSI Wins Naval Hospital Contract

PSSI wins contract to supply Dock & Lock Series cabinets to all US Naval Hospitals. All Naval hospitals in the United States and overseas received their cabinets to charge and sync devices that will be used in the Industrial Hygiene Program!

Navy-Hospital CRP-1-1

-6/5/14-Barcode Reader Option Now Available

Users can now access to the cabinet by scanning their badge with a barcode reader. When a user scans a devices barcode, the CACmanager software will track the cabinet inventory allowing the administrator to have even more control of their users and equipment.

barcode reader

-5/20/14-Tabletop Tablet Cabinet Coming Soon

Universal cabinet design accommodates all iOS and Android devices. The cabinets charge and sync capabilities make it very convenient to keep your devices chanrged and up-to-date. 16 device capacity allows a large amount of devices to be stored in a very small form factor.


-4/24/14-Chromebook Charging Cart Now Available

Perfect for charging up to 30 chromebooks, large or ruggedized tablets, or laptops. This cart is optomized for schools and classroom enviroments. Unique wire managment system keeps your cabinet clean and insures that you will only have to install your charging device cables once. 


Our Key Clients

  • FPL
  • NOAA
  • Quatar Airways
  • Tmobil
  • USAF
  • USPS
  • alltel
  • atnt
  • boeing
  • comcast
  • google
  • qualcomm
  • sprint
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