CA Cabinet Support


CA 2023-5 - CA 2052 8/10/12 - CA 4052 16/20/14                                  

Latest CACmanager software version: 5.2.8

Latest PSSI GUI software version: 5.2.8  


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Software Updates

-Download the latest version of CACmanager: CACmanager is the base system program of the CA cabinet. These updates add aditional features to the CAC cabinet and clear up any bugs that have been discovered in the cabinet. 

-Download the latest version of the PSSI GUI: The PSSI GUI is constantly being updated to better suit our cabinet users. With each update comes new options to organize and customize your PSSI product to perfectly suit your needs. 

-PSSI Software Instilation Guide: If you are going to update your system, here is a simple step-by-step installation guito walk you de through the process. 





Warranty Information 

Please review the PSSI Cabinet Maintenance Scedule and Warranties packet attached below. This applies for all of our Dock & Lock series cabinets.

*Click the image below to view the pdf document.*