• Dock  and Lock Common Access CabinetsCommon Access CabinetsDock and Lock Common Access Cabinets

    Advanced security requires advanced measures. Dock and Lock Common Access cabinets incorporate techologies such as card readers, RFID, and biometrics to provide for strict, controlled security measures.
    CA2023-5 & CA2029-7         CA2052-8 & CA2052-10                  CA4052-16 & CA4052-20

  • MU2052b

    Dock and Lock Multi-Use Storage Cabinets

    Secure storage needs can vary greatly. The Dock and Lock Multi-use cabinets were designed for versatility and adaptability to accomodate the diverse needs for safety, reliability and functionality.
  • 4052-L-20
    OpenWithLattopRDock and Lock Widescreen Storage Cabinets

    Many laptops today are built with larger screens for better picture and greater resolution. Keep your widescreen laptops safe, charged, and network connected with our Dock and Lock Widescreen Cabinets. Choose from the following options:
    2023 & 2029                     2052 L8 - L10                4052 L16 - L20

  • 3252-L-20Black

    Dock and Lock StandardDock and Lock Storage Cabinets

    A cost -effective and practical storage solution for today's mobile workforce, PSSI Dock & Lock® Cabinets are storage solutions to lock up laptops, notebooks and/or computers, provide for dial tone or network connections, and power links for each locking drawer.

    Choose from the following options:   1623-L & 1629-L          1652-L          3252 & 4852

Dock and Lock Laptop Storage Cabinets


The PSSI Dock & Lock® System is a laptop/ e-tool storage cabinet solution to lock up laptops, e-tools, provide for network connections, and AC power links for each locking drawer. It is a cost -effective and practical storage solution for today's mobile workforce.

Here at PSSI - our computers are securely stored and charged in our Dock and Lock laptop security cabinets - always ready to go! Do you know where your laptops and notebooks are? If you're not sure - please read more about our Dock and Lock laptop storage cabinets by clicking on the links below.


Laptop storage cabinets need to be more than just pieces of computer furniture or laptop cabinets. They need to be a complete system. The PSSI Dock & Lock® System is a computer storage cabinet solution for locking up, powering, connecting and managing your laptops and notebooks. For many organizations, Dock & Lock® cabinets are a part of their mobile computing strategy for secure storage, networking and recharging. Their computers are always ready when needed.

Efficiency = Savings

Dock & Lock® cabinets manage portable computers when not deployed. During this non-deployed time, computers are updated, activity data transferred, maintenance programs run and software updated. All this occurs while the battery is charging and the computer is locked up. The wait is over.

Consider the savings when your workers no longer have to wait for work assignments and critical downloads. Computers are ready to go at the start of every shift.

More Cost Effective

A pre-wired Dock & Lock® cabinet is more cost effective than providing individual cabling for AC power and network connections to each computer. The cabinets' sleek design maximizes floor space.

Most Versatile

Dock & Lock® customers represent most every industry deploying mobile computing devices: communications, utilities, medical, insurance, manufacturing, administration, government, public safety, law enforcement and the military.

There is a Dock & Lock® cabinet available for your specific needs. Models are available for storing just a few computers, to high density laptop storage, even to one you can fit under a desk.

Plug-In Storage Systems, Inc., a Veteran owned Small Business, is an approved Government Supplier under contract GS-27F-0424G. See our products on GSA Advantage! or call us directly at 1-800-231-5952 for assistance!

PSSI's Technical Service Department will be glad to assist you in answering any ESD control questions and help you to select the best ESD cabinet, ESD safe case, ESD safe transporter, conductive container, Dock & Lock cabinet, computer security cabinet, customizing accessories and ESD safe products for your particular application.

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