CAC Enabled 5 Dock and Lock Laptop Security Cabinets CA2023-5

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The PSSI CA Cabinets system is a computer storage cabinet solution that physically protects laptops and notebooks for organizations wishing to employ a high level of security while updating and recharging mobile assets. The CA Cabinets solution features the CAC Manager software, a Graphical User Interface application which manages the cabinet computer configuration, control, status, and activity log queries. The CA Cabinet solution comes pre-installed with the CAC Manager software, a Single Board Computer (SBC)(optinal), and the Air Force Standard Desktop Configuration (SDC). The CA Cabinet solution is used by asset managers and network administrators who wish to ensure laptops and notebooks are current with the latest SDC versions and required security patches. The CA Cabinet ensures availability and operability of the organization’s assets, and provides for an efficient maintenance environment. The CAC Manager logs check-in and check-out activity for assets stored in the CA Cabinet. It also allows configuration of reports that can serve as hand receipts. This solution is being leveraged to help achieve Netcentric Operations and vulnerability management for mobile devices.

Cabinet Features

  • DoD CAC card (PIN required), "FIPS 201 compliant, two factor identity authentication".
  • PIV card (PIN required).
  • HID Prox ll Cards
  • PSSI supplied Memory-Card (PIN required).
  • RFID, PSSI supplied FOB
  • Keypad
  • LCD Screen
  • Access rights to drawers
  • Temperature Controlled fans, Admin controls the set point on the fans. Temp Sensors in each drawer
  • Remote Access Cabinet's activity log-file remotely, and to manage users for cabinet access privileges, access methods, and drawer configurations.
  • On board computer monitors drawer position sensor (open, closed)
  • Networked Ready with available optional features
  • All computers/ E-Tools stored in the cabinet can receive security patches and software updates.
  • 19" 6U rack in base compartment to mount network switches, KVM, UPS for 2052 and 4052 series cabinets
  • Emergency Access Secured with Medeco Locks
  • Five drawer modes: Assigned, first available with load balancing, multi-drawer mode, Check-In Only and Check-Out only
  • Time stamped entries
  • Onboard UPS System
  • Easiest CAC Enabled cabinet to use on the market.

CA2023 L5 Open

CA2029-L-7 Open

User Enrollment / Access Options

Below is the list of possible access options for the CA cabinet. Users can access a drawer by using their RFID badge, a smart card or CAC card, Barcode Scanner, or a keypad pin entry. A cabinet can run on any single access option below, or use multiple options at the same time.

View All Currently Supported Smart Card / Barcode / HID-RFID Types

CAC card

Smart Card / CAC Card

Use a DOD CAC card or smart card to access cabinet drawers


Barcode Scanner

The barcode scanner can be used for both user access and equipment tracking



Scan your RFID badge to access the system and create your own PIN


Keypad Pin

Use the keypad pin for administrative functions or assign temp PINs to users

Standard Cabinet Features


Ventilation System

Promotes air circulation and dissipates heat even when the fans are idle.


Pick Your Drawer Size

The chart below shows the available drawer sizes that will fit this cabinet


Cable Management System

Patented cable managment system eliminates cable bending and breaking.


Industrial Casters

Industrial strength steel swivel casters provide mobility and 5" of height

Optional Features

docking station

Docking Station Solutions

Docking station makes removing and returning laptops quick and easy

wiring options

Custom Drawer Wiring

A/C power splitters, dual CAT6, 220v Power, KVM, USB charging solutions are all available


Network Switch / KVM Switch

Have us provide and install your managed or unmanaged swich or KVM system


Model Descrption Width Height Depth
CA2023-5 5 drawer cab
Each drawer
CA2029-7 7 Drawer cab
Each drawer


GSA2 Like many of our other ESD safe products, our Dock & Lock computer storage cabinet and laptop security cabinet models are patented. Plug-In Storage Systems, Inc., a Veteran owned Small Business, is an approved Government Supplier under contract GS-27F-0424G

Our Key Clients

  • FPL
  • NOAA
  • Quatar Airways
  • Tmobil
  • USAF
  • USPS
  • alltel
  • atnt
  • boeing
  • comcast
  • google
  • qualcomm
  • sprint
  • unionpacific
  • verisonwireless
  • yadtel