PSSI Software Approval

Plug-In Storage Systems is happy to announce that our CACmanager and CAC-GUI cabinet management software is now approved on the HILL AFB NIPR Network. This certification can be easily duplicated at all other USAF installations by following the steps below.


Currently Approved USAF Installations:

  • Hill AFB, Utah


Instructions for customers:

PSSI CA Cabinets has been approved and designated as an IT Product by AFSPC Authorizing Official.

The attached documentation includes:

1) The AFSPC System Categorization Memo signed by the AFSPC AO

2) An email from the AFSPC official confirming the process to add CA Cabinets to the Information System Security Manager (ISSM).

3) A SAMPLE email of how to request inclusion to the Installation Enclave Information System
Security Manager (ISSM).

Customers should submit the System Categorization and the AFSPC email (items 1 and 2) to their Installation ISSMs and request inclusion via the No Security Impact (NSI) Memorandum process.

Once a USAF installation has been approved, the certification will not have to be resubmitted by other cabinet owners / users. PSSI will keep an up-to-date list at the top of this page highlighting the USAF locations that currently have the paperwork submitted and locations that are currently approved.