40 Series mini mobile ESD Cabinets

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 40 Series, Mini-Mobile CabinetPSSI 40 Series ESD Cabinet / Workstation - mobile circuit board storage cabinet

PSSI 40 Series mini mobile ESD cabinets are ESD safe cabinets for storing and moving circuit boards in small sites. The ESD safe worksurface permits this ESD cabinet to be used as a mobile workstation for testing and maintaining circuit boards. The compact size of this ESD safe cabinet makes it ideal for use at small sites, POPs and switching stations.

PSSI's patented ESD dissipative shelving system accommodates a wide range of circuit board sizes. The adjustability of the PSSI ESD dissipative shelving system provides the highest density of variable size circuit boards compared to other circuit board storage cabinets on the market. These ESD safe cabinets can safely store packaged or unpackaged circuit boards (see Specifications: Shelving). In addition to circuit board storage, these ESD safe cabinets also provide protection from theft, fire and unauthorized entry.

 Models 40-25* Mini Mobile


Rear View Showing convenient
storage pockets

  • Cabinet and doors 16-gauge welded steel construction
  • Patented, vertical-grooved track, polymer ESD-dissipative shelves for high-density circuit board storage
  • Stainless steel shelving tracks for optimum ground path and infinite adjustability
  • Two reinforced doors with key-type lock and quick-release interior hinges
  • Protection from theft, fire and unauthorized entry
  • Handy exterior work pockets for manuals and maintenance supplies
  • Two coiled ground cords for easy connection to adjacent ground point
  • Four wrist strap ground-point receptacles
  • ESD-dissipative laminate work surface (reversible)
  • Four conductive swivel casters; two casters lockable

Model 40-25 ESD cabinet is the ideal unit for storing, transporting, testing, cleaning, repairing, and routine maintenance of ESD sensitive components and circuit boards. It is designed to help users maintain high quality service at small communications sites, customer locations, and small switching systems.

Model 40-25 consists of one basic ESD storage cabinet with two compartments for transport and storage of virtually any size circuit board. The top work surface consists of reversible, permanently ESD dissipative laminate. The four conductive casters enable mobility while maintaining ESD protection.

In addition to two protective circuit board storage compartments, the Model 40-25 also features several convenient exterior pockets for technician's packaging materials, maintenance supplies, tools, test equipment and manuals.

Model 40-25 can be requested without standard shelving. Model 40-25A mini ESD Cabinet / Workstation is available to customize according to your specific need.

Specifications: Model 40-25


Cabinet and doors 16-gauge welded steel construction


Textured, fire-resistant paint; standard colors blue, gray, or beige; custom colors available


40" W x 24.25" H x 25" D
(1016 mm x 616 mm x 635 mm)


(2) 12" (305mm) doors with key-type lock; internal quick release hinges

Work Surface:

Reversible, permanently ESD-dissipative laminate

Exterior Shelves:

Side and rear storage areas for packaging, cleaning materials and manuals; top rear shelf is fabricated of chemical-resistant stainless steel


Four conductive 4" (102 mm) casters; rear casters dual-locking

Load Capacity:

500 lb. (227 kg)


2 coiled ground cords; each with 1 Megohm resistor, banana plug, and alligator clip for connection to any suitable ground; 4 wrist strap ground point receptacles



For un-packaged circuit boards

Special injection molded polymer compound for permanently ESD-dissipative surface resistivity range of 106-109 ohms per square.
Part No. H10-16, 10" W x 16"D
(254 mm x 406 mm)
Part No. H10-18, 10" W x 18" D
(254 mm x 457 mm)

For packaged circuit boards

ESD-dissipative flat metal shelf: 18-gauge steel with ESD-dissipative paint.
Part No. HS18-22, 18" W x 22" D
(457 mm x 559 mm)

PSSI's Technical Service Department will be glad to assist you in answering any circuit board storage questions and help you to select the best cabinet, shelving, customizing accessories and ESD safe products for your particular application.

PSSI offers complete on-site cabinet installation by their trained technicians. PSSI technicians ensure that your new PSSI ESD cabinet is correctly attached, leveled and that all ground connections are properly functioning. PSSI technicians can significantly reduce the time required in determining an efficient shelving layout and hardware installation.

Like many of our other ESD safe products, the PSSI 40 Series ESD cabinet model is patented.

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