Dock & Lock® Laptop Security Cabinet model 1623-L-5 is ideal for applications requiring secure and powered storage for just a few computers. Wireless sites, such as administrative offices, medical offices, research centers and laboratories are popular applications.

Model 1623-L-5 is a 5-drawer, 23″ high cabinet that ideally fits under a desk top.

Cabinet Features

  • Unique, patented, articulating cable management system to each drawer eliminates tight bending of cables that will degrade performance over time.
  • An automatic, thermostatically controlled fan safeguards against heat build up, protecting the longevity and integrity of stored computers.
  • Convective ventilation system promotes air circulation and dissipates heat even when the fan is idle.
  • Independently locking drawers offer security. Individual key assignment promotes accountability. A master key is provided for management.
  • Can be bolted to the desk, counter, floor or wall for added security.
  • Equipped with a 125V/15A/60Hz Surge Suppression Power Supply. All electrical components are UL approved.
  • Sturdy steel construction with durable beige powder paint finish. Multiple knockouts conveniently located for cabling access.
  • Heavy-duty, full extension drawer slides with precision ball bearings.
  • Sturdy, full width pull handles for easy drawer access.
  • Cabinet arrives fully assembled, ready to use.


  • Mobile Base Kit: Model 1525 is a steel support base with four 4″ (10.2cm) swivel casters (two are locking), adding 5″(12.7cm) to overall cabinet height. The kit also includes an 18′ (549cm) retractable power cord, two ergonomically designed cabinet handles, one 14′ (427cm) connecting communications cable.
  • AC Kit: AC power cords can be provided to each drawer. All electrical components are UL approved.
  • Networking Kits: Cat 5E or Cat 6 cabling can be pre-wired to each drawer. Complies with Category 6, 568 Standards. Switches, routers or hubs can be pre-installed in the cabinets’ base compartment.

Custom Sizes or Modifications

 Ventilation System

Promotes air circulation and dissipates heat even when the fans are idle.

Network Switch Ready

Top compartment can accomidate a network switch, with CAT6 cable wired to each drawer.

Cable Management System

Patented cable managment system eliminates cable bending and breaking.

Industrial Casters

Industrial strength steel swivel casters provide mobility and 5″ of height


Models Description Width Height Depth
in mm in mm in mm
1623-L-5 5 Drawer Laptop Cabinet 16.00″ 406mm 52.00″ 1321mm 25.00″ 635mm
Each Long Drawer 13.75″ 349mm 3.25″ 83mm 20.25″ 514mm
AC-PW AC Power to each drawer
C5E-PW Cat 5E wiring to each drawer
C6-PW Cat 6 wiring to each drawer
USB-PW PSSI P-Hub Kit, female USB to each drawer. View PSSI P-Hub Specifications HERE
LAN5E Kit Network wiring includes switch, all CAT 5E and connectors cabling
LAN6 Kit Network wiring includes switch, all CAT 6 and connectors cabling
1525 Mobile Base for Dock &Lock Series 1652 (adds 5″ (127mm) to cabinet height)

Like many of our other ESD safe products, our Dock & Lock computer storage cabinet and laptop security cabinet models are patented. Plug-In Storage Systems, Inc., a Veteran owned Small Business, is an approved Government Supplier under contract GS-27F-0424G