50 & 54 Series ESD Cabinets

Plug-In Storage Systems offers an extensive line of ESD storage cabinets to protect your spare circuit boards, test equipment, sensitive electronic components and magnetic media from ESD events.
PSSI firmly believes by using ESD safe products and proper ESD control in the handling and storage of spare circuit boards and sensitive electronic components will result in lower inventory investment, higher quality of service, increased profitability and market competitiveness.
Do your protective storage cabinets provide protection from ESD, theft, fire and unauthorized entry? Ours do! PSSI ESD cabinets and the rest of our ESD safe products provide complete ESD protection.
Protect your circuit boards and delicate electronic devices from inadvertent ESD events by storing them in ESD safe storage cabinets. PSSI has twelve models of ESD safe cabinets available for you to choose from.

54 Series
Double Bay ESD Cabinets
Unpackaged Circuit Board Storage
50 Series
Double Bay ESD Cabinets
Packaged/Unpackaged Circuit Board Storage
36 & 48 Series
Double Bay ESD Cabinets
Packaged Circuit Board Storage

PSSI’s Technical Service Department will be glad to assist you in answering any circuit board storage questions and help you to select the best storage cabinet, shelving, customizing accessories and ESD safe products for your particular application. Like many of our other ESD safe products, our ESD cabinet models are patented.