Security Feature


Video Demonstration

Video about the security features of the cabinet

The video demonstrates the security feature of the cabinet. CA cabinet seamlessly integrate BitDefender into the cabinet system. Users can configurate, monitor the devices, send out real-time alert, generate customized reports. The cabinet will provide the whole gamut of protection to the devices.

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Plug-in Storage Systems, Inc. (PSSI) designs and produces cabinets of Dock & Lock with government compatible CAC technology to ensure prime security for your mobile devices.  Advanced networking systems can update E-Tools as they charge. DoD CAC, PIV, RFID/Prox or our PSSI memory cards can be used with an administrator-programmed pin for added security. Secure, powered and connected storage can be used for laptop computers, electronic devices and other applications. PSSI cabinet solutions integrate device management, security locking and charging functionality in one system.